Our Terms and Conditions

When an open world is created where users have the ability to engage liberally and share data on different topics that are very interesting to our familiar aims. Nevertheless, our company believes in keeping the self-esteem of each user that deals with us and we highly understand how placing excellent regulations can bring to achieve that.

This is the reason all terms and conditions have been put in place beneath for you.
These rules and regulations have been put in place to act as guides on how anticipate our site, products and services to be utilized by our clients. Do not forget that, when you use any of the services we offer, you clearly accept to stomach by all the rules and regulations. Our website holds back complete rights to alter, adjust and bend or even take out any aspect of these rules and regulations no matter the time and devoid of prior communication to another party.

Our Dialogues and Debates

Our debates are many in form of dialogues which are designed to be podiums for productive exchanges. Although we have full believe in every users’ right to have their thoughts shared freely, we require also that these thoughts are put across in a rational and respectful way devoid of hatred to some other users. Any user who violates this rule might have to live with suspension or been permanently blocked from all dialogues and debates on our website.

Content on Our Website

All articles, images and blog posts that are made available on our site are and will continually belong to the site. There is no way anyone is welcomed to re-use, share or distribute that data, especially if they have not obtained consent from the site. Nonetheless, those who visit our website should have the freedom to read all posts and articles on our site no matter the time as well as recommend them to others too. Commenting on these articles as well is allowed. The regulations that surround comments made on all contents on our site doesn’t change from those that are available under dialogue and debates.

Contents on our website are openly shareable on the different social media sites. Also, we egg on all visitors to benefit fully from this feature and utilize it in passing on vital data to people who mean a lot to them in their lives. Whenever contents from our website are posted on sites that are third party, there needs to be a link back to the main article that is on our site. Also, due credit needs to be given to the original article author to prevent issues with regards to plagiarism.

Our Communication Method

Our website isn’t in support of sending unwelcomed emails to our clients. We send emails and newsletters to clients who have only sent us an email directly or who have signed up to our newsletters. If you have recently received any unwanted email or newsletter from any team member, you need to immediately draw out attention to it so that we can take the right steps.